Frankfurter Allee 8 
190cm x 190cm 
mixed media on canvas

Foto von Anna Niedermeier 

Niederbarnimstraße 1
155cm x 195cm 
acrylic chalk and varnish on canvas
Hand1uch 2  (Towe1 2)
40cm x 50cm 
gouache, spraypaint and lacquer on foil 
handmade wooden frame 

60cm x 50cm 
acrylic and gouache on canvas 
being at home during the beginning of the pandemic 

m1 Zimmer Wohnung (my one room apartment)
40cm x 30cm
gouache and acryl on canvas
spending some more time at home  

gouache and acrylic on paper (acrylic glas frame)

60cmx 70cm 
acryl and industry wax on canvas
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